Benefits Overview

Benefits for privileged and contributing members of Europe’s 500 Entrepreneurs for Growth Corporate Member Full (Advisory Board) Member (2) Council Member
Membership fee/year (3) €1.500 €500 €250
1. Personal invitation to all events
    incl. listing and award ceremony
2. Access to the membership lists (4) X X X
3. Right to participate in the
4. Right to website link within the
    membership list
X X  
5. Opportunity to speak or represent
    (workshop) at our annual summit
X X  
6. Eligible to Advisory Board X X  
7. Up to 4 delegates (5) X    
Every company that has been on the Europe’s 500 list once is automatically a Listed Member of the association and benefits from price reductions for the annual conference.
Only members of the Europe’s 500 list have the right to become Full Members.
Membership starts with receipt of the membership fee and runs for 1 year. It can be cancelled in written form by the end of the year otherwise will be extended automatically for 1 year.
The membership lists can be accessed for the desire of direct contact between the top management of the companies and is not available for advertisement mailings.
Delegates must be member of the management board or supervisory board of the Corporate Member.


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