What are the criteria for the Europe’s 500 Listing?
Companies that fulfill all of the Europe’s 500 criteria, will be considered for the final Listing (please click here for futher criteria details)

How can my companies particiapte?
If you believe your company fulfills the eligibility criteria, you will be able to submit your data for Europe's 500 listing from the beginning of the year selecting Application Form in the home page of our web.

How are companies ranked?
Companies that fulfill all of the eligibility criteria, and are in good standing at the time of the publishing of the Europe's 500 Listing, are ranked by their BIRCH Index. The top 500 of all the qualifying companies are selected according to their BIRCH Index. These companies are considered the winning companies.

What is the deadline for submitting data?
Please check website Home page, as the Deadline may change from year to year.

When will the winners be contacted?
Winners will be contacted in advance, and will be invited to the prestigious Europe's 500 Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

How many companies are considered winners?
The top 500 companies with the highest BIRCH Index are considered as the 500 winning companies and win the distinction of being named one of Europe's 500 elite top high growth companies.

When will the Europe’s 500 Listing be published?
The Listing E500 listing is announced annually at our Awards Ceremony held at the European Parliament in Brussels. The date of the event will be posted on our home page as soon as it is available.


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