Currently Europe’s 500 is working on following five initiatives and suggestions from Europe’s 500 to the EU Commission:

  1. Standards drive growth of jobs and wealth and help fight poverty
    drives internal demand in the emerging markets, so they become more of a customer and not only a cheap labour provider
  2. One patent / one intellectual property register valid in all 27 EU states brings Europe together and helps innovation
    entrepreneurial innovation multiplies into all the countries
  3. Investment loans insurance to help fund growth below investment grade
    weaknesses in the banking sector should not hinder entrepreneurial growth
  4. The EU should encourage part time work (best practice)
    in order to reduce unemployment and to increase flexibility
  5. Facilitate access to universities for entrepreneurs
    support private agencies that allow entrepreneurs to use intelligence and resources from universities at low cost and more easily

Conference on trade secrets, Brussels, 29 June 2012

A Commission Conference entitled "Trade Secrets: Supporting Innovation, Protecting Know-how" took place on Friday 29th June 2012 in Brussels.

The Conference addressed the pressing challenge of protecting European companies from acts of dishonest misappropriation of their know-how and other strategic business information. The conference looked at the legal protection of trade secrets and confidential business information, the economic rationale behind it, as well as the role and importance of trade secrets in innovation and competitiveness. The Conference provided a fruitful dialogue with stakeholders on possible policy options. It also served as a preparatory step in the launching of a survey on the topic.

The EU survey on the use of trade secrets and their protection against misappropriation will be launched in October 2012. It will be carried out by Baker & McKenzie (Milan), which will contact over 700 companies in different Member States. In addition companies and business organisations wishing to participate may do so directly. The Commission will make available a link on this web-site allowing stakeholders to participate in the survey.

Europe's 500 was presented by Ruben Bonet, Fractus.

summary consolidated

On February 3, 2011 at the European Growth Summit in Brussels
Europe's 500 presented its White Paper and Recommendations "How to solve the dilemma of stabilizing (public sector budgets, banks and currency) and maintaining growth at the same time." and handed it over to the European Commission for Enterprise and Industry.


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