March 21, 2013
Europe's 500 Conference and Award Ceremony 2013
at the European Parliament in Brussels
Re-think Europe’s Role and how to maintain growth while consolidating
Europe's 500 Press Release all in 2013
Europe's 500 List of the Top Growth Companies 2013
Europe's 500 Press Release Listing 2013
Europe's 500 Pressemitteilung 2013
Book on the Event in Brussels
Pictures from the Event 2013
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Europes Top Growth Companies_Relaunching Growth While Consolidating FinanzNachrichten24032013
Europes Top Growth Companies_Relaunching Growth While Consolidating Social Media Portal24032013
Europes Top Growth Companies_Relaunching Growth While Consolidating Wallstreet online24032013

February 3, 2011
European Growth Summit and Europe's 500 Award Ceremony 2011
at the European Parliament in Brussels
Growth Financing versus De-Leveraging - A Contradiction?

Europe's 500 White Paper and Recommendations "How to solve the dilemma of stabilizing (public sector budgets, banks and currency) and maintaining growth at the same time."

English Press Release [.pdf]
English Press Release [.docx/zip]:
Europe's 500 calls for the European Commission to address the expected tightening of financing available to European Growth Companies
Europe's 500 turns to the insurance sector for possible solutions
Results of the Europe's 500 Ranking 2010

Winners' List 2010
TOP 50 List 2010
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Deutsche Pressemeldung [.pdf]
Deutsche Pressemeldung [.docx/zip]:
Europe's 500 fordert die Europäische Kommission auf, sich trotz der notwendigen Konsolidierungspolitik um die Verbesserung der Investitions- und Exportfinanzierung für die Mittelständischen Wachstumsunternehmen zu kümmern.
Ergebnisse des Europe's 500 Rankings

Gewinner der Liste 2010
TOP 50 Liste 2010
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Publications in the press:
Europes500_Coverage Report_February 3 2011

Europes500_Coverage Report_February 8 2011
Europes500_Coverage Report_February 17 2011
Wallstreet Online
Wallstreet Online

August, 2010
Dear friends of Europe's 500,

Europe's 500 top growth companies meet regularly at the European Roundtable for Growth and discuss issues between them, the Commission's representatives and academia.

One of the topics that has regularly been on the agenda is the European Patent, that should allow Europeans to get European protection without 27 applications and dozends of translations.
A very important step towards making Europe one market.

We can gladly report that finally this issue has achieved the level of attention and consensus that the EU Commission will propose a very helpful European patent reform that will enhance innovation, cross fertilisation and more European wide activities.

We encourage the Commission really to do it.
Let's continue to think for Europe.
Our next focus will be on competitive growth financing.

Martin Schoeller
President Europe's 500

November 8, 2009
Europe's 500 sees urgent need for a stronger EU involvement for a faster turnaround
Europe's 500 fordert eine stärkere Einbindung der EU für einen rascheren Aufschwung Mehr
Press EuroInvestor UK 11.11.09
Press EuroInvestor Italy 11.11.09
Press Finanznachrichten 11.11.09

January 27, 2009
Short circuit mistake in the bank rules still needs to be urgently interrupted More
Kurzschlussfehler in der Bankenregulierung noch immer nicht behoben Mehr

October 14, 2008
Europe's 500 recommends a combination of bank support with extension of credit to the real economy. More (German version)

September 23, 2008
Europe's 500 Statement to the Financial Crisis (German version)

June 13, 2008
Europe's 500 European Growth Summit Press Release
Europe's 500, the top European growth entrepreneurs, met for the third time in Barcelona.
Press Report: Uni Witten Herdeke

March 19, 2008
Europe's 500 Patent Press Release:
European Business Leaders Call for a Simplified Patent Process to Drive Innovation
Press Report: Innovations Report

May 18, 2007
European Growth Summit 2007 - press release
SperoNews May 21, 2007 "Globalization and the myth of collapsing borders"
Blogwonks May, 2007 "Expert says Brazil could meet world's gas needs"
Biopact May 21, 2007 "Brazilian biofuels can meet world's total gasoline needs -expert"
mensnewsdaily May 22, 2007 "Experts says Brazil could meet world's gas needs"
RenewAmerica May 22, 2007 "Experts says Brazil could meet world's gas needs"

November, 2006
Europe's 500 Roundtable with Prof. Danuta Hübner, EU Commissioner Regional Policy
Award Ceremony at the Hofburg in Vienna
Press Release 26th November 2006 (PDF, German, pdf English)

Press coverage from the Europe's 500 Award Ceremony (Samples)
Standard 27th November 2006 (PDF, German)
Kurier 27th November 2006 (PDF, German)
Wirtschaftsblatt 27th November 2006 (PDF, German)
Press Italy IlMondo_17062006
Press UK CityAM_121206

October 2006
Results from the Listing 2006
Austrian Press Release
CEO-CF Leader Appointed to Board of Europe’s 500:
David Darsch, an “entrepreneur’s entrepreneur” (PDF, English)

August 2006
Who's Who: Europe's 500 - Excelling Entrepreneurs (PDF, German)

July 2006
Going Asia: The Growth Professionals (PDF 7,7 MB, English, German, Chinese, French)

June 19, 2006
Interview with Martin Schoeller, President of Europe's 500 printed in "Dnevnik" (PDF)

March 22, 2006
Online News Service NeueNachricht:
Family owned enterprises better than many DAX companies (PDF, German)

December 8, 2005
Growth Policy Summary: Growth Policy Summary Document (PDF - 300kb)

December 8, 2005
Europe's 500 European Round Table for Growth in Brussels.

Novemer 19, 2005
The Summit of Europe's Top 500 Growth Entrepreneurs set priorities for EU growth policy Austria receives a Special Award more:
Conference 05 Summary (German version) and Tony Blair Letter of Support

October 13, 2005
Europe's Top 500 growth companies 2005
Press release: Larger mid-size companies contribute to growth in Europe (14% annual growth and 130.000 jobs) Press release for Austria and Germany.

June 22, 2005
Press coverage of the BB50 award

June 15, 2005
Press release from Martin Schoeller, President of Europe's 500 for the BAYERNS BEST 50 award

May 2005
ICCFairWages ICC International Chamber of Commerce, UK Guide to Global Corporate Social Responsibility, Volume III May 2005 about our Fair Wages initiative

October 25, 2004
Extensive coverage of the Europe's 500 award in BusinessWeek
The article presents the top 100 companies in Europe 2004,
with detailed descriptions of the enterprises and their successes

August 26, 2004
The german chancellor Schroeder demands a new credit system for medium-sized businesses

August 26, 2004
The Kfw offers altenative financing

August 26, 2004
Die Zeit 26-08-04
New credit ratings ruin German medium-sized businesse

May 2004
ICC Volume II, "Improving Wages":
Martin Schoeller, President of Europe's 500 on Fair Wages (PDF)



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