Europe’s 500 is an organization and networking platform for European private growth companies.

Each year Europe's 500, together with its partner IESE Business School, publishes the list of the European high growth private companies, and organizes the "European Growth Summit" for European growth entrepreneurs.

We celebrate these entrepreneurs and their innovative achievements at our annual Europe 500 awards ceremony held at the European Parliament in Brussel.

As Europe’s most successful listing of high growth private companies, Europe's 500 has become the standard for recognition for entrepreneurial success.

For your information:

The European growth entrepreneurs stand for the European economic model. The European economic model stands for market and rules and therefore guaranties peace, freedom and prosperity.

For the moment, Europe’s 500 is not issuing the annual Europe’s 500 list. But the IESE business school, Prof. Juan Roure, co-founder of Europe’s 500, continues the research and dialogue for the Europe’s 500 values. Europe though making strong progress in further integration has room for improvement with regard to growth and therefore the IESE business school plans to reactivate Europe’s 500 listing and conferences as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated via this website information.

Europe's 500 Application Form to present a candidate company

Europe's 500 Conference and Award Ceremony 2013
Re-think Europe's Role and how to maintain growth while consolidating
took place at the European Parliament in Brussels on March 21, 2013

Bild links: K. Regling, M. Schoeller
Bild Mitte: V. Wagner, P. Panagiotis, T. Diago, B. Twaalfhoven
Bild rechts: G. Masfuroll, G. Fuhrmann Intravis GmbH, I. Friedrich



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